We are all aware of the dangers of smoking cigarettes, but if that isn't enough of an incentive, take advantage of the comprehensive selection of smoking aids available online at Rowlands Pharmacy to help you quit for good.

If you need more advice and support to stop smoking, visit our Advice Centre, or if you need more assistance you can even speak directly with a qualified pharmacist on our Ask a Pharmacist page.

  • Vype ePen Caps Blended Tobacco Regular 3 x 1.5ml


  • Vype ePen Caps Crisp Mint Regular 3 x 1.5ml


  • Vype ePen Starter Kit 1 Starter Kit


  • Vype eTank Starter kit


  • Cirro eLiquid Menthol 11mg


  • Cirro eLiquid Tobacco 11mg


  • Cirro Starter Kit Rechargeable Vapouriser


  • Ten Motives Menthol Disposable Disposable E-Cig


  • Ten Motives Menthol Refills 5 refills


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