Lose weight with the aid of Adios slimming tablets; a traditional herbal medicinal product range sold at Rowlands Pharmacy.

Adios tablets contain a mixture of natural herbal ingredients and extracts to aid traditional weight loss by speeding up your metabolism and making it more efficient.

Adios slimming pills contain Butternut Bark, Dandelion root, dry extract of Baldo leaf and Dry Extract of Fucus which are said to increase metabolic rate and are to be taken once with every meal.

Rowlands Pharmacy also stock Adios Max tablets which contain a more concentrated dose of Adios' active ingredient Fucus extract; a seaweed which is rich in iodine and has been used traditionally to aid weight loss alongside a balanced diet and exercise.

Available in sachets of 100 tablets, Adios slimming pills are discreet and easy to take with breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst the Adios Quick Slim behaves as an effective meal replacement for those on a diet. At just 203 calories a packet, the strawberry flavoured Adios Quick Slim can substitute up to two daily meals in an energy restricted diet for maximum weight loss results.

Adios is just one of the useful weight loss products sold at Rowlands Pharmacy. You can find out more about our weight loss products and Success Stories as well as how to balance your usage with a healthy and balanced diet.

  • ADIOS MAX tablets 100 tablets

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  • Adios Quick Slim Meal Replacement 4x35g


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  • ADIOS tablets 100 tablets


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