Baby Care Accessories

Caring for babies does require lots of specialist equipment, but don't worry. Whether you're getting prepared for a new arrival, or need to source or replace some everyday baby essentials, Rowlands Pharmacy is on hand to help. Here in our baby care accessories range you will find all the baby sundries and little extras you need to keep your little one looking and feeling their best.

To keep your little one clean, tidy and relaxed, we have baby baths and bath sets specially designed for use with little limbs. And, for extra peace of mind you'll also find baby bath accessories including bath supports and bath mats to stop them slipping as they splash. Our baby care accessories range includes grooming products such as baby nail scissors to stop the tiny scratches that can make delicate skin sore. And, when toilet training time comes round you can pick up one of our potties to use in tandem with items from our nappies range. Together, you'll soon get the hang of it.

To help soothe your baby and provide comfort on the move we stock baby dummies in a range of colours and designs. The range includes specialist orthodontic baby dummies that are designed to help calm and settle infants while minimising impact on teeth development.

Can't find a certain something? You'll find other everyday items like cotton puffs and baby cleaning products in our changing and bathing collection. And, our baby feeding accessories range is where you'll discover sterilising fluid, bottle teats and other feeding essentials. If you've searched our wider baby care collection and still can't find what you need, why not get in touch to see if we can help? Simply complete our contact form online.

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