Colic Treatments

The distress of colic for infants and babies can be an exhausting experience for the whole family. Here in our colic treatments range you'll find products designed to ease the symptoms associated with colic such as discomfort caused by indigestion.

Colief colic drops can be added to formula or breast milk to break down lactose that can make milk difficult to digest. These colic drops use a naturally occurring enzyme to break down lactose for your baby. If you're looking for colic treatments for newborn babies, Colief colic drops are also safe to use from birth. Using anti-colic bottles is another strategy often recommended for the treatment of colicky babies, and can help with colic prevention too. Fit one of our fast flow teats for easier feeding, to help lower the amount of air your child swallows as they feed.

Along with burping and adjusting your baby's sitting position, our range of colic treatments could provide relief from colic episodes that can prompt prolonged periods of crying. Techniques for comforting and cuddling your child differ from baby to baby, but could also help to ease their distress when they are suffering from colic. Baby massage is another hands-on approach that is often recommended to ease digestive discomfort and help calm your infant. You can try giving baby a soothing stomach or back rub to help comfort them or give them a warm bath with items from our baby bathing and baby accessories collections.

If you'd like to explore your options when it comes to baby milk, you'll find lactose free and anti-reflux infant formula options in our baby milk range. Did you know that many of the products in our baby care collection are available to order on subscription? Ensure you never run out of baby essentials by choosing regular deliveries of your favourite baby products set at intervals of your choice. Discover more information about colic in our handy health A-Z and tips and advice on health issues that affect all of the family in the Rowlands Pharmacy Blog.

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