Teething Remedies

Babies love to explore things with their mouths and when they're in the throes of teething, your little one's chewing and crying tends to step up a notch or two. Our range of baby teething products features everything you need to help you and your baby tackle teething together. Here you will find trusted teething remedies such as infant teething gel, along with teethers and teething toys to keep babies occupied.

Although most babies start teething at the age of around 6 months, we know that some infants start sooner and newborns can be born with teeth too. With this in mind, we stock teething remedies that are suitable for use from birth onwards, alongside teething products for older babies. Among the range you'll find trusted names who have been making products that offer teething pain relief for generations, including Bonjela, Calgel, Dentinox and Anbesol. Some of these teething gels offer local anaesthetic properties alongside antiseptic qualities, soothing sore gums to ease sleeplessness and crying, and helping to prevent infection.

Teething babies often begin to feel distress before a tooth erupts and could seem irritable or unsettled, or display unusual trouble with feeding. Other common teething symptoms to look out for in your little one include gnawing and chewing, flushed cheeks, rubbing of the face and putting their hands in their mouth. Babies can also dribble more when they cut their teeth, which can in turn irritate their delicate skin and cause chin rash. To help prevent rashes developing, take a peek at our nappy rash range where you'll find barrier creams and ointments. Infant pain relief can also be used to treat teething and with doctor's advice your little one may be able to take paracetamol and/or infant ibuprofen.

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