IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, is a digestive system condition that causes bouts of diarrhoea and/or constipation, along with painful stomach cramps, bloating and excess wind.

What causes IBS is not clear, but it’s a long-term condition that’s believed to affect 20% of people during their lifetime, with women being twice as likely as men to be affected, and tends to flare up during stressful times or after eating foods that upset the stomach.

However IBS can be more manageable with lifestyle and diet changes, and medication to treat particular IBS symptoms.

Rowlands Pharmacy has a wide choice of IBS relief tablets, remedies and treatments that can help to ease the discomfort and inconvenience of IBS. See the full range below, which includes treatments from Buscopan, Colpermin and Colofac IBS, with active ingredients like mebeverine hydrochloride and hyoscine butylbromide, as well as capsules with peppermint oil, a natural remedy that’s believed to relieve symptoms of IBS and other digestive conditions.

Our Advice Centre also has lots of information and advice to help you cope with IBS. If you have not been diagnosed with IBS by your GP, it’s a good idea to discuss your symptoms with them and take a blood test to rule out other abdominal conditions.

  • Buscopan IBS relief tablets 40 tablets


  • Colofac IBS Tablets 15 tablets


  • DulcoEase 100mg Stool Softener 30 Caps


  • Benefiber Powder 155g


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  • Colpermin Capsules 100 Caps


  • Colpermin capsules 20 Capsules


  • Kolanticon Gel Oral Suspension 500ml


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