Head Lice

Contrary to their name, head lice, often called ‘nits’, are actually tiny insects that live in human hair. They can be white, grey or brown in colour and can be hard to spot as they live and lay their eggs very close to the scalp where it’s warm.

Anyone can catch head lice, regardless of whether your hair is long or short, and clean or dirty. However they’re passed by direct head-to-head contact – head lice can’t jump, swim or fly – so children are more likely to catch them and pass them around when playing with friends at nursery or school.

As head lice can be so difficult to see, you may not realise that you or your child has an infestation until the head begins to itch. However the itching is caused by a reaction to the lice, and not everyone is allergic, so regular ‘detection combing’ for the whole family is a more effective way to find them.

If you do discover head lice, Rowlands Pharmacy’s head lice and nits shampoo treatments and sprays will help to eliminate the lice quickly and effectively. We stock treatments by best-selling brands including Hedrin, so you can choose the right head lice treatment for your family.

Our Advice Centre also has lots of advice and information on how to spot and treat head lice. If treatment is unsuccessful, there has been a severe allergic reaction to head lice or scratching the scalp has caused an infection, you should visit your GP.

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