Alpecin C1 Caffeine Shampoo

Alpecin C1 Caffeine Shampoo

Stimulates hair roots during washing.Strengthens weakened hair roots. Prevents and reduces hereditary hair loss.

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More Info:

Alpecin C1 Caffeine Shampoo contains caffeine that stimulates hair growth directly at the roots. A daily wash with Alpecin C1 shampoo immediately provides the hair roots with the activating ingredient. Alpecin Caffeine shampoo is detectable after being left on for as little as 120 seconds. If left on longer, more caffeine will be absorbed into the scalp.

Alpecin keeps the hair roots active and helps extend their growth phase longer than genetically predisposed. This can help:

  • Counteract premature hair loss
  • Increase hair root productivity
  • Enhance the speed of hair growth

 Recommended Use:

  • Leave on the scalp for 2 minutes-from application to rinse.

Warnings, Side Effects:

Information for Competitive Athletes: Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo Hair Energizer can be detected in hair follicles.