Maybe Baby Ovulation Tester

Maybe Baby Ovulation Tester

Maybe Baby is a Fully Certified Saliva Ovulation Tester

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Saliva Ovulation tester
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Maybe Baby™ is a Fully Certified Saliva Ovulation Tester

When oestrogen is present in dried saliva, a fern like pattern appears which can be seen whenviewed through a microscope. Maybe Baby™ is a mini microscope which can be used every day to pinpoint ovulation and so maximise your chances of conception.

  • Re-usable (Battery can be easily replaced when it eventually runs out)
  • Allows you to chart every day so you won't miss your window of opportunity, even if you ovulate earlier or later than thought
  • Lets you know 2-3 days in advance of ovulation, which is the best time to try to conceive
  • Clean, easy to Use and 98% Accurate
  • Convenient Lipstick Sized Unit
  • Excellent value at £40.
  • Made in Europe by Expert Contact Lens Manufacturer Optix to the highest quality standards and regulations
  • Helpline available Mon to Fri.

Maybe Baby™ - Useful Tips when Trying To Conceive

  • We all think we know our cycle but it can be a different story when we record it
  • You can easily see if ovulation occurs on the same day every month or if it varies
  • If you note times when you are stressed or ill, you can also see the impact of both these factors on your fertility cycle
  • If you can see that you ar ovulating and know that you are ovulating and know that you are doing all you should to conceive and are not being successful, you might decide to see a GP or Therapist. Your chart will be a great head start in deciding what you need to do as it records valuable information such as:
    • Length of your cycle
    • Length of your menstrual period
    • Regularity of your Cycle
    • If you are ovulating every month
    • Length of your Luteal Phase (Should be approximately 14 days from ovulation to menustration)
  • It will also help in knowing when you need to have blood tests (eg 7 days after ovulation)

Maybe Baby™ believe that women should be encouraged to become experts in their own fertility as everyone's story is individual. Knowing your cycle inside out, through charting with Maybe™ Baby is the first step.

Maybe Baby™ also recommend taking a conception supplement which includes not only folic acid but also other essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins D & B, Zinc and Selenium among others. Pregnacare Conception is widely available. Maybe Baby™ would also recommend an Omega 3 supplement if you do not each much oily fish.