Sexual Health & Well-Being

Maintain your sexual health and well-being with Rowlands Pharmacy's range of condoms, stimulators and aids which can be used to promote a safe and healthy sex life. With sexual diseases (or STIs) on the rise, it is important to practice safe sex, whether with multiple partners or in a relationship, and you can order everything you need discreetly right here.

Rowlands Pharmacy's selection of condoms provide a safe and easy way to promote sexual health for both men and women as well as aiding more enjoyable sex thanks to the variety of sizes, flavours and textures on offer. Durex condoms come in packets of six, three and 14, ranging from Durex Ultra Thin Feel to Durex Extra Safe, in the prevention of sexual infections and effective protection against unwanted pregnancy.

You can also make your sex life more comfortable and enjoyable with the Durex selection of pleasure gels and lubricants, which are each formulated for unique pleasure enhancing purposes. Durex Play lubricating gels can be bought in a number of fun flavours with a sugar free recipe whilst the Durex Tingle gel eases intimate discomfort as well as offering a mild, tingling sensation during sex. The Astroglide gel and Astrogel Liquid Lubricant help to relieve dryness with their water soluble solutions that can be used with condoms for a long lasting experience.

For the more adventurous, you can find a collection of discreet sexual aids including the Rocks Off range of vibrators, which are designed to be compact and easy to use with a number of settings. Each model features unique colours and designs tailored to your individual needs. Suitable as a gifts for your partner or to be made as an indulgent self-purchase, ladies can choose between single speed products such as the RO-80mm in pink or the more powerful Rocks Off 10 Speed Vibrator to introduce more fun and excitement into their sex life.

Explore Rowlands Pharmacy's selection of sexual health and well-being products today for a fun, safe and reliable way to enjoy your sex life. Should you have any questions regarding sexual health or STIs, you can visit our Advice Centre for help and guidance.

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