Regular snoring is a problem that affects up to one in four people, and it can be a great source of misery, for both  the snorer and their partner.

The condition is caused by vibrations of the soft palate and tissue in the mouth, nose or throat, and when snoring is excessive, it can disturb sleep and lead to health issues like extreme tiredness and reduced concentration in the daytime.

If snoring is beginning to negatively affect your life, you can try snoring solutions such as nasal strips, sprays and lozenges by brands including Breathe Right and Snoreeze, available to buy online from Rowlands Pharmacy.

Each of these treatments works in different ways, but in general they help to open up the airways and reduce obstruction which can make snoring worse. We recommend trying a range of treatments to find the one that’s right for you.

If your snoring is particularly severe and is not alleviated by any non-prescription anti-snoring treatments, consult your GP. You’ll also find more advice and tips for coping with snoring in our Advice Centre.

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