Sore Throat

Sore throats are uncomfortable and painful condition that are often a sign of a cold, a side effect of strained vocal cords or an indication of something a little more serious. The wide range of sore throat remedies available online at Rowlands Pharmacy can help to soothe the symptoms and help you to get on with your day.

Our comprehensive range of throat treatments includes anaesthetic throat sprays, such as the Difflam Spray, and lozenges from leading brands such as Strepsils, Tyrozets and Dequadin, which are available in a range of flavours, from blackcurrant to honey and lemon. We also stock a number of other products to provide relief from the pain of sore throats, including pastilles from Olbas and Numark. These pastilles contain real fruit juice and often have decongestant properties to help with colds, flu and catarrhal headaches.

The symptoms of a sore throat should pass in three to seven days, and it is advised to drink plenty of water, avoid food and drinks that may irritate the throat, and regularly gargle with mouthwash. For more tips on treating sore throats, visit our Advice Centre, and if you have persistent symptoms that are not improving or responding to self-care, visit your GP.



  • Strefen Honey & Lemon 16 Pack


  • Ultra Chloraseptic Anaesthetic Throat Spray Original Menthol Flavour Original menthol 15ml


  • Dequacaine Lozenges 24 lozenges


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  • Dequadin Lozenges 20 lozenges


  • Halls Soothers Strawberry 10 Soothers


  • Merocets 24 lozenges


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  • NUMARK Blackcurrant & Glycerine Pastilles 45g


  • Olbas Pastilles 45g


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