Thrush is a very common infection that is caused by fungal yeast. There are many different types of thrush and it most frequently affects the genitals of women and men, when the natural balance of ‘friendly’ bacteria is upset, though it is not uncommon to experience oral thrush too.

Rowlands Pharmacy have a wide range of thrush creams, tablets, oral treatments and pessaries from Canesten and Numark to help relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of thrush and cure the infection.

As one of the main symptoms of thrush is severe itching, our external creams and help to soothe and relieve the area, while the tablets and oral treatments get to work on the infection itself.

Other symptoms of a thrush infection include swelling and discharge, which may resemble cottage cheese. Contrary to what many people believe, thrush is not an STI, but it can be passed on through sex. On the whole, thrush is a mild condition which can be cleared up in a matter of days, but it can keep returning.

For more information on thrush and thrush treatments, visit our Advice Centre, and see our range of thrush treatments below to find the one that’s right for you.

  • Canesten Soft Gel Pessary Combi 500mg Soft Gel Pessary & 2% w/w cream 500mg / 2% 10g


  • Canesten Oral & Cream Duo 10g


  • Canesten Combi Pessary & Cream 500mg/2% 10g


  • Canesten Cream Combi Internal & External Creams 5g/10% internal cream 10...


  • Canesten 500mg Soft Gel Pessary 1 Pessary 500mg

    Was: £10.99 Now: £9.35

  • Canesten Oral Capsule 1 capsule


  • Canesten Thrush Cream 20g


  • Canesten Pessary 1 pessary 500mg


  • Canesten Internal Cream 10% 5g


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