Vitamins & Supplements

It can sometimes be difficult to have a balanced diet and obtain all the vital vitamins and minerals which our bodies require, and sometimes, after illness, we may need a vital pick-me-up or energy boost. Rowlands Online Pharmacy can provide you with all the supplements and tonics which you need to maintain good health or get you back on track when you are feeling run-down.

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  • GlucoTabs Tangy Orange Fast-Acting 10 Tablets


  • Memoraid® - The Complete Memory Supplement 60 Vegetarian Capsules -...


  • Metatone Tonic Original Flavour 300ml


  • Metatone Tonic Original Flavour 500ml


  • NUMARK Almond Oil 70ml


  • NUMARK Calcium & Vitamin D3 400mg 30 tablets


  • NUMARK Chewable Vitamin C 500mg 30 tablets


  • Numark Chewable Vitamin C 80mg 60 tablets


  • NUMARK Cod Liver Oil Capsules 1000mg 30 tablets


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