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I wanted to lose the last of my baby weight!

Weight loss so far: 16 pounds


I wanted to lose the last of my baby weight

I was off on maternity leave and juggling a new baby and preparing myself to return back to work was hard.

I made bad food choices and struggled to maintain a healthy weight. 

I knew I needed to eat a bit more healthily. I just needed to find the right diet plan to suit me. I really wanted to change my life and lose the last of my baby weight.


Now I lead a healthy life and am full of confidence

Before returning to work from maternity leave, I was determined to get back into a size 12.

I have lost 11% of my body weight* following the Optislim Life programme and I feel amazing and have the energy to do the things Ive always wanted to do before.

My typical day is a shake for breakfast and once of the tasty soups for lunch. I also have a few pieces of fruit as a snack during the day and I really enjoy the snack bars as they are so convenient and tasty. 

For my main meal I was still able to enjoy dining out with friends and family.  Cooking at home is great with the family, making easy healthy recipes we all enjoy.

I feel a lot happier with myself and a lot healthier. I can also now walk up the hill without feeling out of breath!!

*Results may vary by the individual

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