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The Optislim Life plan really fits into my daily routine

Weight loss so far: 38 pounds


I missed mealtimes and made bad food choices

My diet before mainly consisted of lots of takeaways, dining out with the family and not really thinking about what I was eating. 

My portion sizes were also too big, I never ate breakfast and made poor food choices during the day when at work.

My children have found it amusing watching daddy’s tummy getting smaller and smaller!

I was never one to have breakfasts but now having a shake when I get to work is really easy to do. For lunch I either have a shake or a soup. I’m office based and generally have to grab my lunch around meetings, so the Optislim Life plan really fits into my daily routine.

I then plan an easy low calorie meal in the evening. I have had great support from my family and my children enjoy all the meals and vegetables I am making for our evening meals. It has really changed all of us!

I have also started to do a regular walk now, around 6 miles, which I would have struggled with before but I am now able to pick the pace up from when I started. Im also swimming once a week which I really enjoy.

Because the plan is easy to follow and you dont have the worry of planning and preparing lots of daily meals, it really fits into our family lifestyle.

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