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Health & Wellbeing events at your workplace

A healthy workforce is vital to maintain productivity and business continuity.

An estimated 137.3 million working days were lost due to sickness or injury in the UK in 2016. This is equivalent to 4.3 days per worker.¹

Imagine the impact this could have on your business. At Rowlands we have been providing selfcare and healthy living advice to our patients for over 200 years.

We believe in putting our customers at the heart of everything we do. So we are extending our health support services outside the traditional pharmacy building and bringing our health & wellbeing events to your employees’ place of work to deliver key health interventions and build bespoke programs to support the needs of your organisation.

Benefits of a health & wellbeing event

Increase Morale


Increase Morale

No need for
time off

Increase Morale


Increase Morale


Our bespoke events are designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation and include:

  • Pre event support for promotion of your event.
  • Onsite health promotion and health checks.
  • Post event summary report providing breakdown
    of activities conducted and top line outcomes.

Don't ignore the facts!

80% of Adults have high blood pressure.²

of adults in
the UK have
high blood

High blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack and stoke.²

High blood pressure
raises the risk of heart
disease or stroke by
up to three times.²

High blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack and stoke.²

42% of men & 32% of women
in England were classified as
overweight in 2010.
(BMI 25 but less than 30)³

people die from heart
and circulatory
disease each year.³

80% of Adults have high blood pressure.²

About 14% of
deaths from
circulatory disease
are attributed to

On the day

  • Set up in a suitable location at a time and place to suit you.
  • Event conducted via appointment system or drop in clinic.
  • Private consultation and screening.
  • Consultations to include:
    • Blood Pressure Measuring.
    • Cholesterol testing.
    • Body composition analysis.
    • Healthy Living Advice.

Don't take our word for it...

Wellbeing Events


Very good set up, knowledgeable staff, very professional. Once word was out around site about the service lots of people wanted to experience it. I’m aware that Rowlands referred some people to their GP as a result of the checks which led them to make some lifestyle changes. I myself used the service and would recommend it to others.

Jason White - H&S Facilities Co-ordinator

Edge Hill University

The health checks provided by Rowlands Pharmacy proved to be extremely popular with our staff, we had over 200 people attend. The health check results have proven to be a great motivator for many of our people to take positive steps to improve their health and wellbeing. Paul and his team from Rowlands were fantastic to work with. We enjoyed working with them due to the customer service we received and the wealth of available information they provided in planning and implementing the staff health checks.

Aisling Benson - HR Manager

Flu Clinics


Rowlands Pharmacy delivered 610 on site flu vaccinations to our 3 contact centres (Leicester and Doncaster) over a 2 week period. They were prompt and efficient and flexible in their approach to meet our needs.

Communication with Rowlands Pharmacy was good which is essential and reassuring when responsible for managing a large corporate project. The Rowlands team were very helpful and friendly and put our employees at ease. They even wore flu promotion t-shirts which we provided for our managers to wear as a way of encouraging employees to take a vaccination and they provided their own chocolates as an incentive. Very happy with the service which we received.

Claire Kershaw Health, Safety and Wellbeing Advisor


This was the first year that we offered our staff flu vaccines at work. Rowlands provided this efficient, flexible and actually enjoyable service to my team. Considering that most of the team had never had a flu vaccine before, the pharmacist was extremely calm, confident and reassuring to everyone. We would recommend their service to anyone. Keep your team protected!

Jane Lambert CEO

Pets at Home

Rowlands staff had a lovely approach and nothing fazed them at all. On the day we did have approximately 20 additional colleagues who decided to have the vaccination last minute and a number of colleagues who rearranged their appointment slots. The pharmacist was professional, extremely helpful and very reassuring to colleagues who had some nerves.

Samantha Donague


Rowlands Pharmacy were able to provide an on-site flu clinic for us at short notice, the staff were professional and helpful and our experience in using their service was very positive.

Joanne Leadbitter NHS Sunderland CCG

To discuss a proposal please contact Paul Hillan on 01928 750763
or email



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