Celebrating 10 years of Dry January

Starting in 2013 with just 4,000 people, Dry January has advanced amazingly with over 130,000 people taking part in 2022. Dry January is the UK's one-month booze-free challenge that helps people reset their relationship with alcohol every year. The annual movement is run by the charity Alcohol Change UK.

say no to alcohol this January

Being alcohol free for a month has lots of benefits, research published in the British Medical Journal in 2018 found that a month off alcohol lowers blood pressure, reduces diabetes risk, lowers cholesterol, and reduces levels of cancer-related proteins in the blood.

Dry January participants have also reported:

  • 86% of participants save money
  • 70% of participants have better sleep
  • 66% of participants have more energy

Being alcohol-free for 31 days shows how you can still have fun, relax and socialise just without the alcohol. It’s the perfect training to help you form healthier habits with alcohol, enabling you to cut down longer-term if you wish. Cutting down on alcohol permanently can be very hard for some people, Dry January acts like a bootcamp for drinking self-control.

Giving your body a break from booze for a month is great, you’ll get lots more benefits if you cut down long term. Although alcohol is treated differently to other drugs it still causes harm to people, from mental health problems to liver disease and even death, which is why drinking should be a conscious choice not an automatic default.

The UK’s Chief Medical Officers recommend drinking no more than 14 units per week, spread over three or more days, and with at least two days off. 14 units is the equivalent to six pints of average strength beer or six medium (175ml) glasses of average strength wine.

The only rule for Dry January is no alcohol from when you wake up on New Year's Day until 1st February and that's all! There are no golden tickets to give you a day off but if you decide to have a drink, that's totally up to you. A drier January is still something to be proud of, and your body will still thank you!

Sign up today at:

Dry January

When you sign up you get access to the free app, receive regular support emails with tips, tricks and information from experts in alcohol to make your month easier and have help on hand if you’re struggling.

Are you up for the challenge?

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