Blocked or runny nose

There are lots of reasons why you may have a blocked or runny nose without it being allergies. Although a blocked or runny nose is a very common symptom of both hay fever and colds and flu. Lots of people suffer with a blocked or runny nose, and the cause can be anything from alcohol and spicy food to exercising or hormonal changes. 

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What are the symptoms of a blocked or runny nose?

The main symptoms of a blocked or runny nose is having difficulty breathing out of your nose. Your nose can feel completely blocked and you can’t breathe through it, or your nose can be runny and you feel like you are always blowing/wiping it. Sometimes, although senseless, your nose can feel both runny and blocked at the same time.

What causes a blocked or runny nose?

Hay fever and the common cold are common causes of a blocked or runny nose however they are not the only factors to consider. A blocked or runny nose can be caused by simple things like changes in the weather, exercising, exposure to smoke, perfume and paint fumes, alcohol and spicy foods, hormone changes in pregnancy or puberty, certain medications, and even using decongestant nasal sprays too often.

What treatment is available for blocked or runny noses?

The treatment available for your blocked or runny nose depends on the reason you have a blocked or runny nose in the first place. If you suffer with hay fever using an antihistamine will help reduce or symptoms. Similarly, if you have a cold or the flu there are lots of medicines you can take to help clear up your symptoms. However, if you are suffering with a blocked or runny nose due to another cause it’s likely that it will clear up on its own without the need for treatment. 

Speak to our pharmacy team for advice and support for your blocked or runny nose.

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