Erectile Dysfunction

Do you have problems getting or keeping an erection hard enough for sex? Then you might have a condition called erectile dysfunction (ED).

Find treatment that's right for you without the need for a prescription.

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What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a common medical condition that affects men of all ages. Men can experience symptoms in different ways for example some men do not get an erection at all whilst other men can get an erection but cannot keep it long enough for sex. Many men ignore their ED symptoms for years, because they are too embarrassed to see a healthcare professional, but the symptoms of ED can be treated in most cases.

Erectile dysfunction can sometimes be caused by different health conditions

  • Heart and circulation problems can reduce the flow of blood to the penis
  • Low levels of the male hormone testosterone
  • Injury to or disease of the penis or surrounding areas
  • Mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, or relationship issues
  • Surgery to the penis or the surrounding areas (e.g. prostate surgery)
  • Lifestyle issues, such as stress, smoking, alcohol and recreational drug abuse

If you're worried about your ED symptoms speak to our pharmacist.

What is the best treatment for me?

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Eroxon is a new erectile dysfunction product.  

Eroxon is a topical gel which has been clinically proven to help men get an erection within 10 minutes.

Available to purchase at age 18+ without a prescription or the presence of a pharmacist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ED only a problem for men aged over 60?

Age is strongly linked with ED as it does become more common as men age, however, it can in fact affect men of all ages.

What are the potential side effects of ED medication?

The more common side effects can include headache, nausea, stuffy nose, flushing and indigestion. There are also some rarer side effects; you should always read the accompanying leaflet that comes with any medicine before taking it.

Is ED a reflection of manhood or sex drive?

No. ED has nothing to do with masculinity. It can occur as a result of underlying health conditions. If you experience ED symptoms, talk to our pharmacist or make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your general health.

Is ED a reflection of other health problems?

ED can result from one or more of the following: physical health conditions, psychological conditions or from taking certain medications. If you have symptoms of ED, you should talk to our pharmacist.

Can ED medication improve my loss of sex drive and premature ejaculation?

ED medication helps men get and keep an erection hard enough for sex. They are not aphrodisiacs, and they will not treat conditions such as premature ejaculation. If you are affected by other conditions, you should speak with our pharmacist.

How can I talk to my partner about his ED problems?

If your partner has erection problems, it can be difficult to know how to start the conversation. His ED maybe happening regularly or just occasionally, but in either case it could be a sign of underlying health issues. 

He may refuse to talk about his erection problems which can create a lot of tension in the relationship, even if you tend to avoid talking about sex and intimacy, as some couples do, this is exactly the kind of conversation you need to have when ED is involved. Nobody is to blame, ED is a health condition. 

Choosing a time to talk about ED when you are both free from distractions and unlikely to be interrupted is essential. Also using language such as "I" and "we" instead of "you" will be very useful, for example "I'm worried about your health" rather than "You've got a problem".

Some men may find it very difficult to talk about erection problems and will not be receptive of an conversation surrounding it. If this is case point out the health issues associated with ED, this may help him to start thinking about his symptoms differently. Most people would be concerned if someone who cared about them thought they might have underlying health problems. 

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