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We dispense NHS and private prescriptions as well as offering a range of medicines and general healthcare lines that can assist recovery from illness and maintain general good health.

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At Rowlands Pharmacy we believe in delivering high quality health related advice, services and products to improve the well-being of our local communities. Our fully qualified pharmacists are on hand to listen, advise and answer any queries or concerns that you have about your medicines, we do our utmost best to care for you and your family.

To save you time and trouble, we can either collect prescriptions on your behalf or if your GP is using the Electronic Prescription Service, we can get your prescriptions sent to us, your nominated pharmacy, directly. Most prescriptions are now signed, sent and processed electronically. We can save you time by having your prescription all ready and waiting for you. It’s that simple.

We all know how easy it is to forget to order repeat prescription medication, life just gets in the way and before you know it you are running short or have run out. Let us do the hard work for you!

Did you know you may be eligible to apply for a medical exemption certificate? 

Medical exemption certificates are credit-card-size cards issued to people with certain medical conditions and enables them to get free NHS prescriptions.

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Prescription prepayment certificate

If you pay for your prescriptions you can buy prescription prepayment certificates (PPCs) from the NHS which may make your prescriptions cheaper. You can only get a PPC if you live in England. A 3 or 12 month PPC covers all your prescriptions for that period, no matter how many you need. 

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We have over 300 stores all over the UK, find your nearest one using our store finder.

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Hey Pharmacist

Keep track and order your NHS repeat prescription through the free Hey Pharmacist app.

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This pouch-based system is a simple and convenient way of administering and keeping track of medication.

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