Coughing is our body's natural way of clearing out irritants from our airways. From dust and pollen to infections like the common cold, our bodies use coughing as a defence mechanism to keep us healthy. A cough typically clears up on its own within 3 to 4 weeks. While it can be annoying, rest assured that your body is working hard to heal itself.

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What causes coughs?

Most often, coughs are due to a cold or flu. But smoking, allergies, and even heartburn can also trigger those annoying coughing fits. 

Are all coughs the same?

Not all coughs are the same. Dry coughs are non-productive, meaning they don't produce mucus, while productive coughs bring up phlegm. Understanding the type of cough, you have can help determine proper treatment.

How to treat a cough?

You can treat your cough by getting plenty of rest, staying hydrated to help loosen mucus, and using a cough syrup or cough sweets to provide relief. If your cough persists or is severe, speak to our pharmacy team for advice and guidance.

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