Iron Deficiency Test

Iron is an essential mineral for healthy red blood cells, and 12-15% of women and 2% of men are iron-deficient. Without enough iron, your body cannot make enough red blood cells which could lead to the condition known as iron deficiency anemia. If left unchecked, it can affect your brain, physical fitness, and even your immune system!

iron deficiency test pack shot

Who should consider taking an Iron Deficiency test?

If you are experiencing unusual levels of tiredness this test is recommended for you.

Test specification


93.8% accuracy

stopwatch icon

5 minutes for results

specimen bottle

Specimen type: Blood

test cassette

1 test per pack

What is included in the testing box?


1 x Test Cassette

1 x Lancet

1 x Capillary Dropper

1 x Instructions for use

1 x Buffer

1 x Alcohol Pad

1 x Quick Start Guide

How to use the test?

  1. Pull off and dispose cap of lancet
  2. Clean fingertip with alcohol pad
  3. Press the lancet against the fingertip
  4. Massage the pricket fingertip to obtain blood drop
  5. Put capillary dropper in contact with blood and draw the blood to fill line
  6. Put the collected blood into the sample well
  7. Add 1 drop of the buffer
  8. Wait for the coloured line and read the results at 5 mins

Interpreting your results


Two distinct coloured lines appear in both T and C regions. Your iron levels are normal.


One line appears in C region. Your iron levels are low.


The Control line fails to appear. Repeat the test.



What do your test results mean and what we recommend you should do next?


Negative/Abnormal Test Result

A low level of ferritin can indicate that you have iron deficiency. This can be caused by a diet that’s too low in iron or by blood loss. In women of reproductive age, heavy periods and pregnancy are common causes of this.

You can increase your iron intake by eating foods such as beans, lentils, dark green vegetables, red meat and iron-fortified bread and cereals. You can also take iron supplements in the form of a tablet.

After making changes to your diet, we recommend repeating this test after 6 months to recheck if your ferritin levels have increased to a normal level. If the level remains low, it is recommended that you make an appointment with your GP to discuss your results, explore treatment options and to ensure there are no underlying causes.


Positive/Normal Test Result

A normal level of ferritin is considered a marker of good health. Suggesting that your diet contains enough iron, and you are absorbing it well. It is unlikely that symptoms you may have are being caused by iron deficiency.

You may want to consider repeating the test annually, to check your ferritin levels remain within the normal range.


More information

Following your results if you are still concerned, pop into your local Rowlands Pharmacy to speak to the pharmacy team for advice. If required they can help you to find the most suitable iron supplement for you, or suggest additional supplements.

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