Earache is a very common problem, especially in young children, but it can also affect adults. It can be painful but is not usually a sign of anything more serious and will often get better in a few days.  Although young children with earache tend to be fussy and irritable whilst tugging their ears.

lady holding both ears in pain

Types of earache

There are multiple types of earache; it can be a sharp, dull or even, burning pain, it can be constant or come and go, earache can be in both ears but most commonly it’s only in one.

How to treat earache

Using painkillers and placing a warm, or cold, flannel on the ear may help to ease the pain of earache. Never insert anything inside your ear, including cotton buds.

What causes earache?

Earache can be caused by many things. Some of the most common causes are cold and flu, teething, glue ear, wax build-up, a perforated eardrum, even a sore throat/tonsillitis.

Our pharmacy team can advise you on the best treatments available for earache and determine if you need to see your GP.  

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